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TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon (2011)

TMG Scale 6.5 It’s hard to rate a movie well that goes 45 minutes too long.Continue Reading


TMG Scale 7.0 I kind of squirm when rating all these sci-fi, comic book, super hero films.Continue Reading

SUPER 8 (2011)

TMG Scale 6.0 Wow how disappointing was this? Continue Reading

X-MEN:First Class (2011)

TMG Scale 5.0 All films, whether sequels or prequels need to stand on their own as worth two hours of your life and ten bucks.Continue Reading

THOR (2011)

TMG Scale 1.0 Natalie Portman and Sir Anthony are in serious need of new agents.Continue Reading

PAUL (2011)

TMG Scale 4.5 This one is for college guys who get drunk on a Friday night after finals—not exactly a blazing endorsement.Continue Reading


TMG Scale 6.5 Some base understanding of the card game “Beleaguered Castle” may be helpful here—that most lose the game in their first few moves.Continue Reading


TMG Scale 8.0 Life, creativity and brainpower open up reminiscent of John Travolta as George Malley in Phenomenon (1980). Continue Reading


TMG Scale 3.0 Frankly, I don’t think this film will even appeal to the 13 year old boy gamer crowd for which it was clearly targetedContinue Reading


TMG Scale 7.0 Starring Aaron Eckhart This is pretty much guy film. Come back to learn why.