ART and JOY of Movies Broadcast April 23, 2011



Art and Joy Lynn, joined by the Marvelous Mary McKenna, start off with a running rant about restaurants and waiters.  Movie and dining go together and we set out rant about clueless waiters who don’t know a merlot from a light beer.  Our DVD pick of the week is Christopher Guest’s mockumentary,  Best in Show from 2000. This is the second  film in the trilogy of great mockumentary comedies, Waiting for Guffman (1996) and A Mighty Wind (2003). Guest was also involved with Rob Reiner in This is Spinal Tap from 1984. We warn everyone not to waste a penny  or a moment of their lives seeing the pure piece of trash called Your Highness. TMG suggests Natalie Portman should be publicly spanked for appearing this totally worthless film. (By the way, TMG volunteers his services to do just that!).  TMG really liked Jesse Eisenberg as Blu in the animated bird film Rio, but Joy and Mary were less impressed.  We all agreed the film had a good message “Don’t be limited by what you think you can’t do.”  Mary thought Hop was a terrible and cheesy effort she found irritating. On the other hand, we all recommended Robert Redford’s new film, The Conspirator as exceptionally well made about the relatively unknown story of Mary Surrat and the others involved in the Lincoln assassination.  We featured  lesser known star, 31 year old James McAvoy because of his lead role as Mary Surrat’s defense counsel. We then did fun Lincoln facts in our  trivia segment. We paid tribute to and saluted Mayor Ted Shaw and  Moose Lake, Minnesota in honor of Rio, home to Linda, Rio’s lead animated character. We paid tribute to Brit actor, Trevor Banister, who died on April 14 at age of 74. And so much more…



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