TMG BROADCAST September 18, 2010


TMG and Joy Lynn remain high on Get Low with Robert Duvall. They take on the George Clooney as The American. Both push going back to the DVD shelf for Stripes (1983) and The Italian Job (2003)—the film that made the Mini Cooper famous. Did Mark Wahlberg wear a hoodie in that one? TMG  just hacks Machete down to a new low on the TMG scale as anti American, bigoted and and racist to the core. Join Art and Joy Lynn with their one of their favorite dinner guests, Lucy Ann….and Lucy has some “splainnin to do” about why she cares for Machete directors Ethan Martiniz and Robert Rodriguez. Dinner conversation dwells on the life of Robert Duvall. Plus salute to Clear Lake Iowa, tribute to fallen star Kevin McCarthy, the movie trivia challenge and more.

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