TMG BROADCAST August 28, 2010


TMG and Joy Lynn, “the Boss” and his guests comment on Eat, Pray, Love and Expendables.  TMG warns that big budgets and big box office success do not always mean great movies.  TMG’S   guaranteed DVD’s off the shelf  include Back to School (1986) with Rodney Dangerfield (and a young Robert Downey, Jr.), Liar Liar (1997) with Jim Carey and Beautiful Girls (1996)  with Timothy Hutton and Matt Dillon.  TMG dumps on two cop films from 2009, Bad Lieutenant with Nicholas Cage and Brooklyn’s Finest with Richard Gere.   Join Art and Joy Lynn for their dinner party with guest  Lucy  —–who loves to Eat, Pray and Love!  They all try to figure producer/writer and big mouth Michael Moore and his provocative documentaries; plus salutes and tributes, the movie trivia challenge and more.

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